Intel’s new desktop chips revealed at CES 2019

Intel, still without a permanent CEO, reverted to a more traditional presentation that focused solidly on its roadmap of chips for PCs and data centers, as well as its automotive chips for driver assistance systems. It wasn’t dubbed a big keynote presentation, as with past years, and was held on a far smaller stage than last year. Following former CEO Brian Krzanich’s rocky resignation last year, interim CEO Robert Swan wasn’t part of the presentation. Gregory Bryant,  senior vice president for the client computing group, and Navin Shenoy, executive vice president for the data center group, hosted the event instead. Unlike Krzanich’s untraditional CES presentations which he had become known for, Bryant and Shenoy chose a rather traditional approach.

The two showed off six new desktop chips as part of its ninth-generation Intel Core processor line, and confirmed the company is on track to release its new set of 10 nanometer chips starting next year. They also stated Intel was shipping its latest generation of Cascade Lake Intel Xeon data-center chips.

“We’re making very good progress” to bring forward the newest 10nm chips, Shenoy told the crowd at Mandalay Bay as cited by CNET.

The CES 2019 presentation was on a significantly smaller scale from past presentations. Intel’s stature it appears has diminished at CES while it looks for a new leader. The event was also an opportunity for Intel to show it remains focused on its goals, to deliver the newest chips to companies and consumers despite the leadership search. Once it does find a new CEO, time will tell whether he or she will want to take up Intel’s prior role as a glitzy, headline presenter at the world’s largest tech show.

Source: CNET

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